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Bücher und Autorenprofil von Paul Blake

Paul Blake

Über den Autor Paul Blake

I am an English author who lives in London. I started writing in September 2016. My debut novel - A Young Man's Game, after coming third in the 2017/18 Pen to Print Book Challenge, was published in July 2018.  
I was a late beginner to writing. In 2016. on a whim, I chose a Creative Writing module for the degree course I was on. I really enjoyed it. Suddenly I had a passion, for something different than my family, for the first time. 

My favourite authors are David Morrell, Neal Stephenson, Nick Harkaway, Cory Doctorow, Peter Clines, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Michael Marshall Smith, Tom Rob Smith, Ernest Cline, and I hope one day to have a book as good as theirs.

I was born in 1975, married to a beautiful and supportive wife, Helen and have 3 boys aged 18, 6 and 3.

I have a blog at https://paulblakeauthor.com where I post my short stories and am active on Twitter @paulblakeauthor, feel free to say hi. 
I hope you enjoy my work.

Homepage http://paulblakeauthor.com

facebook https://www.facebook.com/paulblakeauthor

Twitter @paulblakeauthor

Buchcover A Young Man's Game

A Young Man's Game

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