„The Golden Star of Shanghai“ – California and its rise from the Gold Rush

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Buchcover The Golden Star of Shanghai

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Geeignet für (Alter) von 18 bis 99

Love, greed, death… gambler and saloonkeeper Charles Townsend Reed has a few problems, any one of which can kill him. The woman he loves is a captive of the Hip Yee Tong that controls all Chinese prostitution across California. Reed seeks her freedom which he will gladly purchase. Can a deal be made or will Reed be forced to fight for Chan’s freedom? The tong is powerful, with many hatchet men, but Reed has friends too.
As the conflict escalates, a racist killer arrives bent on revenge. For Russell McGirt, brutal overseer of the North Bloomfield Mine, all Chinese must go and Reed with ‘em. Can a fast draw and a gambler’s confidence keep even Reed from looking over his shoulder?
Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Reed moves between wealthy mine owners and the Anti-Debris Association, valley farmers ready to take up arms to end the devastating scourge of hydraulic mining. Poisonous slickens defile the land, inundating fields and orchards, causing the cities of Marysville and Sacramento to build levees higher each year. The miner’s lock on the state legislature is all powerful and it will take a federal judge to decide the fate of California. Whose rights will prevail? Where does it end and what can Charles Townsend Reed do about any of this?


The Golden Star of Shanghai is historical fiction, a western romance set against the backdrop of hydraulic mining during the late Gold Rush. The book is a metaphor for climate change and uses a braided narrative, set mostly in 1883, but also during 2013, where two German tourists, Helmut and Gregor, play important roles. The book is a rip roaring western with a German component that I think German readers will enjoy. I'm seeking a German audience for this adventure and I'm really not sure how this site works but if you're willing to help, please let me know. The book is available through Amazon. I assume only in English and any help is greatly appreciated.


Genres Belletristik » Historisch

Erhältlich als
E-Book (epub), ISBN 978-0-999071103 Taschenbuch, ISBN 978-0-999071106



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