„Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money“ – Diary of a Call Girl

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Buchcover Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

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Geeignet für (Alter) von 18 bis 99

“How do I go about establishing myself as a self-employed female escort?”

42-year-old Ilona asked herself. She was fed up with having to hide her part-time profession as a prostitute, working the clubs near her German home town. For a long time she has had the dream of Easy Money and about living in a place with lots of sun that is also near the sea.
She therefore packs 2 Suitcases and takes herself off to Athens/Greece to seek her luck.
Not long after her arrival, she meets Violet, an experienced prostitute who gives her valuable tips on local customs, as well as introduces her to what women in the business refer to as fishing.

Ilona adopts the alias Anika and places an ad in a local weekly magazine. Greatly motivated, she starts establishing her own customer base during which she meets all kinds of men, a few with quite extraordinary wishes.
One young man is looking for the experience of 'serving’ a domina. A yoga teacher gets turned on play acting the naughty student. A Greek client has discovered anal sex and another has a foot fetish. An American client she pleasures by tying his testicles.
She tells about her work in an exciting and entertaining way, including the outfits she wears, phone calls with the customers, and last, but not least, her actual work she earns a living with - sex!


"Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money" is the story of a Call Girl working in Athens/Greece. The novel is based on truth and gives a non-judgemental insight into the sexuality of men.
It's juicy literature, easy to read, erotic and amusing.


Leseprobe adobe.ly/2ku0nah

Genres Belletristik, Biografien, Erotik » Roman

Erhältlich als
E-Book (mobi), ASIN B071NR2C5K Taschenbuch, ISBN 978-1549732133



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